You Can Have Your Business Listed As Well.

Just One Small Business Helping Another Small Business.

Help Make Australia Great.

Your Link to Resources and Services for the small to medium business on the internet.

This site is in two parts.

The first part is links to resources that are available on the internet for small to medium businesses.

The second is links to small to medium businesses them selves.

My hope is that you will support each other. Both sides know what it is like to be in business and both sides needs all the help they can get in this day and age.

I am prepared to list business here. You will need to send an e-mail to the contact listed elsewhere. I will need an ABN, phone number, web page and a valid e-mail address. Currently I do not have any sections that business are listed under but if you could include this as well (as many as are required), because it will be implemented in the near future. If you do not have a web page at this stage still contact me and we may be able to do a single page link.

I will also be creating a database of business cards so if you would like to be in that as well, I will need a copy of the front of your business card.


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